Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini Adventure With Mr Lego Man

Its been awhile since i updated my photography activities..
Not much i guess.. I wish i could go and capture some beautiful places and scenery..
but lately, i was so busy with my works and helping my cousin with her wedding...

I was reading Digital Camera magazine when i came across this topic

create a miniature scenarios

cool huh?? more or less like this.. but of course i could not capture this kind of small detail.. I do need a marco lense...

Crazily craving to have a macro lense!!!
ok fine.. this is my version of mini adventure

Mini Adventure With Mr. Lego Man

Actually, he's a scuba diver... But i decided to give him a different adventure.


A bad ending i guess... Or maybe its not the end yet... What could the ending be??

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