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Well i am surely not a pro at this but im still in the learning process... hope we can learn photography together...

Its a very different thing between taking snapshot and doing photography.. Well, thats what i heard la.. Seriously speaking, i started to fall in love with it since i learn it during my university time.. After following tumblr. (which actually i get pretty excited everytime i turn in to my tumblr.) It gave me a huge impact to try and create my own style of photography... Mostly i learn by photographer blog, website and magazines..

This is what i know & i wanna share with you...
Special thanks to Lorri Freedman's Photography Blog &

Basic Rules for Getting a Better Photography

1. Rules of Thirds

Its more about composition. Its very simple... The frame can be devided by 3 horinzontal and 3 vertical sections. Photograph is better when the main subject/ area of interest is placed off-center. 

Dalam maksud yang senang nak faham, (dalam bahasa melayunya lah) bayangkan gambar yang kita nak amik tu boleh kita bahagikan kepada 3 bahagian (mendatar/ menegak) dan objek yang kita nak focus tu kita jangan focuskan dekat tengah.. Biar dia duk kat tepi. Expert cakap mata kita selalunya akan bergerak dari kiri ke kanan.. Perasan x? Hmm.... X kesah la kanan ke kiri tapi bukan tengah..

2. Simplicity

Just keep your photograph simple as it can be... if you zoom in & focus on the subject, make sure the background is out of focus so that only the subject will attract your eyes.

Gambar yang kita nak amik tue biarlah simple je... kadang2 orang selalu cakap "less is more".. Faham? Yang simple tue kadang2 kesan dia lebih mendalam...

3. Leading Lines

'Leading lines' draws your eyes deeper into the photograph and sometimes will lead you to the main subject. Lines can also move vertically or horizontally.. but you will have to be careful when using this rule.. its sometimes will cause distraction and it will not lead to the main subject/ focus.. Paths, roads, fences, ripples on a beach, streams, railroad tracks, even shadows are great examples of lines that lead the eyes through the scene.

Sara rasa kan, bila kita tengok pada gamnbar yang mengunakan teknik leading lines nie, kita boleh rasa macam gambar tue nak bawa kita menuju ke suatu tempat lain... x semestinya line tue kena straight, bengkok2 & circular line pun boleh...

4. Framing

Framing natural surroundings can add a meaningful plus beautiful photograph. it may help you to focus more  on your subject. Add impact to your photographs by using natural frames, such as an overhanging branch or an archway. It can also be just about anything, from tree branches, bushes, and even doorways. Make sure that you are focused on your main subject, and use a high f/stop for depth of field.

Teknik ni pun best... dia macam bawa kita melihat sesuatu berdasarkan pandangan photographer tu. Cara nie boleh memfokuskan subject yang kita ambil tue.. ala2 malu2 sket.. bukan direct to the point.. faham lagi x? hehe.. jom tengok contoh2 gambar macam nie.....

5. Perspective

A change of perspective can add impact to a photograph. Lets think about changing from your normal perspective. Try crouching down, or moving to the left or right. Better yet, try to take a photo from a different angle, bird eyes view, and from ground perspective. Experiment with lenses. You could even invest in a fisheye lens, which will give you a whole new perspective on everything.

Yang teknik nie kena kreatif.. Pls think outside the box... Luar kotak.. x kesah la tepi kotak ke paling jauh dari kotak ke.. just outside the box.. hehehe... merepek plak.. my tips.. cari angle paling pelik... sometimes, yang nie yang menarik..

6. Colours

Basically, colours affects our emotions & mood..  It do create a harmony kindda photography...


  1. this is soooooo cool . love your blog by the way :) keep on your god work ! hugs and kisses from london ^^

  2. gosh this helped me a lot . thanks for sharing <3

  3. saya suka blog awak . cute :)



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