25 Things

    25 Things To Do Before Im 25 

1. Have my own passport..

2. Visit Singapore

3. Learn to cook

4. Learn to baked and prepare lovely desert.

5. Grow some flower plants

Red Daisy

6. Join WWF Malaysia

7. Ride Rollercoaster (the most extreme that i will come across)

8. Try doing some painting / art

9. Buy myself a new laptop/ PC

10. Do Umrah

11. Be an expert in Archery

13. Visit islands and do some snorkeling

Pangkor Island, Perak

14. Drive my own car

15. Travel to all states in Malaysia ( Not yet: Sarawak, Terengganu, Johor)

16. Ice Skating

17. Have an instant camera. 

18. Learn to swim 

19. Have my own art equipment

20. Try water sports

Pangkor Island, Perak.

21. Have my own painting set!

22.  ................ Will  list down more when i have new dreams to fulfill.


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