Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Drama Stanza Cinta di TV3 adaptasi dari novel hasil karya Nurull Halawati

Stanza Cinta

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Under The Rain.......

Under The Rain

Walking by the roadside of the day,
Tiny little raindrop falls and hit the bottom ground,
The cold wind blow through the harden face,
Reveal what hidden underneath the soul,

Weather seem so fresh,
Yet why does it suffocate,
Lost in direction lost in words,
To which path of life should be lead?

Why does the heart beats so fast,
For it is the last,
Seeing through those eyes,
Makes it feel like ice,
Lips are sealed wondering why,
Only silent wind flying by,

Searching for the answer,
Searching for a clue,
Hoping for the best to show its true,
Knowing happiness will finally make it through,

Under the rain,
Please help it make less pain,
As spirit between souls should maintain,
For mystery of the future still remains.

Written by Mai

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

May Allah show us the right way....

If he’s meant for me
and i meant for him
Let us be together through ijabkabul.
If we are not meant to be together
Please avoid us from
seeing one another.
If he’s the right person for me
let his iman be the one that I adores
and let him make my way easier to Jannah.
If he’s not the right one for me,
show him the right way
so that he can lead others instead.

Something About Life

Things Could Have Been Different


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