Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Star Trail Photography

Hi everyone..

This is just a short entry
Wanna show you one of my 25 list of things to do before i turn 25
If you want to know what are the other things on the list click here

Star Trail Photography

I wanna try and learn to explore star trail photography
I always love looking at the night sky..
I love astronomy so much.. so one of the way to show my passion is to try and master the art of star trail photography..

So, amacam??
Macam susah je kan.. Xpe2.. Kita belajar slow2...
Im going to turn 25 dalm dua tahun lagi.. So mungkin sempat la nak belajar.


  1. wahlamakkkk...seb bek ni bkn awk yg amik..klu awk yg amik, sy amik gmbr ni n sy amik awk2 skali buat bini kekeke :p

  2. yang bult2 tu bintang ke??



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