Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn Latest Photos Release

To All Twilight Saga Fans

Breaking Dawn Latest Photos is Release!

Thanks to Summit for releasing the high-res stills from Breaking Dawn
And also courtesy of MSN Entertainment & Entertainment Weekly

If you are a fan, do scroll down your mouse please....
If you are not, depend on you to scroll down or just click the close button..

For sure, im one of the fan...

Not because of the movie, but because of the novels..
I started to fall in love with Twilight way before the 1st movie was out... 
way before Robert Pattison & Kristen Stewart was famous because they play the role as Edward & Bella..

Thanks to my friend, Ikha & Sue who introduce me to the novels few years ago....
I do prefer the novels than the movie..
Anyway, Breaking Dawn will be release at the end of the year..

1st appearance of Renesmee... Comel sgt budak nie!

That all.... Bye!

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