Friday, April 1, 2011

Where Rainbows End

By Cecelia Ahern

My opinion?
It was a lovely book..

Besties from kids Rosie & Alex (main character)
Because they hav been besties since kid,  how do they know the different between love or care to the one person they know best?
Apart from being far away from each other (one in Ireland & one in America), how do they know there is love between them
Rosie never tell Alex how do she feels..... and Alex might have tell Rosie how do he feels BUT there are always things or situations that happened in their life that left the word unspoken..
Can you really love your best friend?
Their magical connection remain through thin and thick. Their up and down in each of their life..

It was a unique book since the author approaches the reader by writing the story in a way of letters, text msg, chat, emails and greeting card..

The Ending?

I had to say it was a happy ending..
I dont really like the way it end... Not in an epilouge way..
I wish it could know what did Rosie reply to Alex when he finally say the word..
And what happened after that?.. Did Katie finally settle down and marry Toby?
How's Ruby with her life?

who's Katie, Toby & Ruby? You do have to read to find out...
That all for now... Im starting to read new book...
 I would choose one of Cecelia Ahern book again.. :)

Cecelia Ahern

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