Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Right Brain VS Left Brain

Hey there... How's your day?? Hope you have a great great day  =)

Let me ask you something...
Have you ever know which brain side you mostly used?

Are you a Right Brain person or a Left Brain person?
Or you dont even know yourself...

Well, from my point of view, you should know.. Why? Because it will help you to decide which type of person you are... What things that suite you best.. Hobi u ke? Cara berpakaian u ke? Attitude u ke? Pekerjaan u ke? Minat u ke?

Try taking fews brain test... berlambak2 dekat internet tu.. Macam2 jenis... Tak susah pun.. And see what result you will get.. Sometimes, some test just bagitau kita otak belah mana yg kita cenderung tapi x explain in details.. tp setengah test tue, explaination berjela2.. hehehe...

I came across this website created by the Art Institute of Vancouver and i did few survey test (actually banyak jugak la soalan dia) and tadaaaaaaaa... Nie Result dia...

Left Brain : 48%          Right Brain : 52%

Your Left Brain Percentages
  35%Sequential (Your most dominant characteristic)
  0%Verbal (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages
  44%Fantasy-oriented (Your most dominant characteristic)
  17%Random (Your least dominant characteristic)

So, im a right brain user
hahahaha.. memang dah tau pun.. tp to my surprise my result x banyak beza pon.. I think, that means im quite balance in some way.. banyak gle explaination dah.. malas baca panjang sgt.. tengok summary je.. hehehe..

See my result, Sangat fantasy- oriented ok.... hahaha...
Maybe thats why i pilih nak jadi arkitek... Architect jobs needs to use both sides since it need creativity and logical thinking in the same time.. Architect can dream and imagine great buildings but without the logical method nak bina macam mana, x boleh jadi realiti gak kan building tu..

Hope after reading this, u all should know which side you are using most. X paksa pun untuk korang tau.. hehehe.. Just to have some extra info about yourself and kenal diri kita sendiri....

bila orang tanye xdela la nak jawab "ntah la.. aku pun x sure"
Tak pun " perlu ke aku tau? Aku x kesah pun"
Pastue bila orang interview tanye suruh explain about yourself... Sudah... dah x tau nak jawab ape.. Atleast korang dah ada satu point untuk cakap pasal diri korang.. =)

Hope you like it! Thanks for reading....

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