Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Resolution 2011 ?

Its April and like daaa.... Baru nak bagitau resolution 2011?

..Its always never too late..
..Better late than never..

Anyway last January when we celebrated our New Year 2011, Ive been writing these few things that i have to achieve for this year. Before these yeah right.... I did had few goals but i never really give a big deal about it.. its always been "hangat2 tahi ayam".. You know what i mean.. One day you started to get so excited bout your goal and the next few weeks.... Hmmm... Whatever resolution... i got better thing to do...

As i remembered, i did fulfill a few of my wish and resolution for 2010... The feeling was excellent!
So as a result i was pretty excited for year 2011... More dreams to be fulfills... Dream are nice but to taste it, its the best!

  Few of my goals, wishlist and resolution 2011

Perfect Vacation
Target: Anywhere nice with great scenery

Buy a DSLR camera and learn photography

Eating healthy food. More green & fruitty 
Too much junk food gimme the headache...

Saving for Rainny Days

Always love myself and care for the one i love
Love is very subjective... It cant really define how, what, why or when..

Future development ? For Study ? For Marriage? For......?
Hmmm... still thinking.... stilll thinking...

Learn New Things in Life 
 Ive learn MUSIC
 (learning the keyboard is something new to me since im an ART person)
i used my right brain more than the left... I guess.. ahha... Right.
Trying to read as much as possible
Target : 1 Book per Month (atleast)
Seriously, my fav novels would be romantic comedy.. i am a softies so what... That is me and i dont care what others think.. i luv love stories...

Get & maintain an ideal weight, have great body..
I mean not too skinny & not too fat


is the key word
well, that all for now i guess... Some ive achieved & some still in process...
wish me luck! hehehe... I will add on if i have some more...

p/s: this entry is just a reminder for myself.... So i dont forget my goals & wish.

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