Friday, April 15, 2011

10 Basic Things A Women Should Have In Their Wardrobe

1. Black Suit

Buy yourself atleast one basic button down black jacket to match with your black pants/ skirt.. It should be lightweight and seasonless material..

2. White Dress Shirt/ Blouse

It is one of the most important piece to have and can be both trendy and classic.. You can wear it as a formal wear or wear it as simple as it can be....

3. Black Pumps

Atleast pair of 1 to 2 inch plain black pumps can take you from the office to dinner. It can match with any outfits and can go with all colours clothes that you wear.. Nice huh.... Does'nt have to be so many inch high just as long as your are comfortable and confident wearing it!


4. Perfect Jeans

You should have atleast 1 or 2 pair of jeans that you love and adore.. Great jeans can be worn with anything from a T-shirt to blazer

5. Black Dress/ Black Blouse

This should be just  a simple black dress that can work for many different occasions. For the office, wear with a scarf, for a night out, add a piece of statement jewelry... It can be wear anywhere, with anyone and any time...

6. Tshirt

Just have these few pieces and you can mix and match with others.. Black, white, and a fun color. Perfect for layering as well as wearing alone, these shirts help stretch your closet way beyond its limits. Plain or graphic tee is also cool to wear around on those lazy weekend.. hehe....

7. Tote Bag

Serves double duty as a briefcase during the week and a shopping bag during the weekends. Handphone, purse, camera, you name it.... It can all be keep in the bag.. Plus with all those small-small & many things you shop, it can all go into it... So, now we can proudly say no to plastic bags.. heeee... =)

8. Sneakers

You’ll need one pair of sneakers that can be worn both for workouts and casual activities like shopping.
Now with many choice of design, colours and patterns of course you can still look chic with it.. nice huh ...=)

9. Trench Coat
(In our case with Malaysian weather Jacket/ Cardigan will do)

It can be a good cover-up, mix and match and it can refresh your entire look...
Colour block, plain, stripes, flower pattern, jeans or biker jacket.... Its all fun wear...

 10. Khakis/Chinos/Brown Pants

A weekend staple, these pants add diversity to your outfits.


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  1. where can i get a good quality but affordable khaki pants in KL/



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