Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second Chance?

what do u think bout 2nd chance?
  life? love? work?

some people find it hard to accept....
others might give it a try
and some, accept it as gift from God.

Does time really be the one reason for all of this?
Guess again...

Its depends on what situation your in..
for me who have been in that kind of situation..

 Things happened for a reason...

What reason?
I dont know...
maybe one day i will find the reason and when i do.....

For those who

still waits for their 2nd chance.... dont wait!
if you really want the 2nd chance.... Face it & fight for it!! Show you deserve it... sometimes it just need to show some efforts in order to get what you want.. And when you get one... Be nice & happy with it..


Too frustrated to even think of 2nd chance? Life goes on... Go and live your life. Live your dreams... Its not the end of the world.. Not yet i guess.. Some says when one door close more will open for you... so? choose your door.. .
errrrr...... i mean choose your life..

Guckluck in life, love and works !! thats all for now..
Sarah Ixora

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