Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Am Number Four

Movie        : I Am Number Four
Duration   : 1 hour 50 minutes
My Rating : B+

I think its been like months since the last movie ive watched (Tron Legacy).. Well i do find watching movie + eating popcorn is one of the way i enjoy and having a great chill time.. so last week i text my cousin, Lina if she wanted to watch movie together.. I love going on a girls' day out.. hehe..  

At 1st we wanted to watched Black Swan (most review said it was a hit) but i suddenly make a last minute decision and choose I AM NUMBER FOUR... eventhough we were 10 minute late. Went into Hall 4 and the movie already started.. Just great.. No intro for the movie.. Nevermine, i still can understand the storyline..

Watching the movie was like watching a playback of twilight vs heroes/fantastic four... I enjoyed.. hehehe.. Some of the scene were cool, romantic and funny.. I think its a good combination. I prefer watching these type of movie rather than a serious and 'need to focus movie'... Cant wait for the next movie... May be I Am Number Five plak kot... hehehe... 

Some scene and the cast....

Number Four......He's cute!

I luv number six... Stylo beb! hehehe...

So conclusion.... Its was fun! apart from the movie, i get to hangout with Lina (she get married in fews months so i culik dia kejap dari tunang dia.. hehehe. Sorry Faris I bawak tunang u dating.)... We went lunch at Piza Hut after that and shopping and finally we headed to a salon to get a hair cut.. I really had a great time.. Thanx Lina!!

Lina, nanti kita tgk Black Swan plak.. If ada lagi la kat wayang or maybe we can plan to watch RED RIDING HOOD.. macam best je. and plus i like amanda seyfried.... I know u wanted to see Black Swan but i really needed to watched something that light and not too serious a.k.a santai type of movie..

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